Monday, January 20, 2014

Vasco da Pollo —Character #2

As I was finishing up the first character last week, I started thinking about what kind of character I'd like to paint next, and what animal he or she might be.  I thought an explorer would be fun, and then decided it needed to be a rooster (I'm eager to paint a rooster's haughty and challenging eye).  The name was easy:  Vasco da Pollo.

My next thought was that the character might be better if the name (and animal) were Vasco da Llama — it is a funnier name— but I'd already gotten an image of the rooster in my mind, and I'm not in the mood for a llama.  

I read an online bio of the real da Gama, and refreshed my memory that he'd been the first European to find an ocean route to India.  Like many European explorers of the age, de Gama could be a very cruel man.  But I was amused that the article stated specifically that the ocean route to India aided in Europeans' access to pepper and cinnamon. . . which go very well with chicken.

So here he is:
Vasco da Pollo.
His family motto, which I might inscribe in his breastplate rather than paint on his sash,
reads Guardar la carne blanca (Protect the white meat)

I want to make this one as tonal as possible, with grays and rich reds, and a suggestion of a far-off city in the background, a classic portrait touch.

Comments?  I'm happy to hear them.


  1. This looks fabulous! Hilarious - and yes, I love that haughty, nasty rooster look

  2. I am so glad he is an explorer and not a chef!

  3. Brian... I can picture him as an explorer in the island of Puerto Rico... at El Morro in San Juan... do you know we have plenty of roosters roaming the streets there! Love the new character!

  4. Where is he? on a ship? with the city in the distance? will there be ship details.. or middle ground details if not a ship.. lol ? leading to the beautiful architecture in the background? perhaps of India. Is this a formal portrait of the explorer or a scene in a story as he looks ahead towards where he's going? Love the look.. I can just envision that front claw slightly raised as he struts in all of his fabulousness.
    Can't wait to see the results!