Friday, October 17, 2014

Ferreting out an old sketch.

I sketched this guy exactly six months ago today, but never got around to finishing him until now.  Here he is. . . and I'm not sure I trust him any more in tonal color than I did in the blue pencil sketch I did on April 17th.

I asked about a name for him back then, and my favorite was "Mr. Pole" (which sounds particularly Beatrix Potter to me).  Any new ideas for his name, now that he's in color?

A lot has happened since April.  My latest bat book, Bats in the Band, came out August 5th, and if you scroll down on this blog, you'll see my "What I Did With My Summer" essay about creating fiberglass bats to go on our new Batwagon. We've done a lot of events to support the book.

We also launched my late father-in-law's new memoir, First Wilderness:  My Quest in the Territory of Alaska.  (Reminder:  if you've seen the PBS documentary about the guy who built a cabin in Alaska with only hand tools—and especially remember his wooden door lock and spoon—you may know Sam Keith's first book, One Man's Wilderness).