Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ferreting Out a Name

Its been a while since Ive posted a new character sketch here.  Ive been doing a lot of school visits and gearing up for the release of my next book, Bats in the Band, on August 5th.  

Ive also been doing work on an adult memoir written by my late father-in-law, Sam Keith, which will be published in September (First Wilderness, Graphic Arts Books / Ingram).  More on that book later, but if youre a fan of his first Alaska book, One Mans Wilderness, youll definitely be interested in this new one.

So, time for a new character. Here he is:

Many a creature, in business . . . and elsewhere. . . was taken in
by his dapper attire and quiet demeanor.

Sometimes I know a characters name right away, and sometimes it eludes me.  Does this guy look like a Curtis?  Timothy? Randall?  Maybe this is one of those characters who ought to remain a mysterious and unnamed he.  As to his profession, he may be a banker, a dealer in motor vehicles, or a cardsharp.  He certainly doesnt stay in one place for too long.  

He seemed to want an oval background, to help place him into a particular timeframe, and I think in a finished painting, he needs to be tonal, with just a splash of color—a red carnation in his lapel.  A symbol?  Maybe.

As in the past on this blog, youre welcome to comment on the sketch.  Then Im going to take this guy to finish, and the final painting will go up on eBay.

Thanks for visiting!  And stop by next Wednesday (April 23), when my guest blogger will be the witty David Lubar.


  1. I think he looks like an elegant gentleman's haberdasher named Mr. Pole.

    1. I suspect he'd be slipping his paws into his customers' wallet pockets as he measures them. And "Mr. Pole" has a nice, ominous quality to it!

  2. I really like this one. I could look into his little face for a long time. There's a story in his eyes, I can hear it.

  3. Ah! As soon as I read "cardsharp," I realized he reminds me of Harold Gould in "The Sting." Funny how his attire makes him look dodgier--if I saw his face alone, I'd definitely let him handle my investments. Either way, I adore him!

  4. NO WAY. I had no idea about the Sam Keith connection. I recommend that book to people all the time!
    I think your new character's underbelly should be seamier. ;) Or not.